How much does each workshop cost?
The fees for in person workshops range from $275.00 – $325.00 and above. The fee includes all materials.

How much does it cost for a live/virtual session via Zoom?
$175.00 for up to 25 participants.

How much does it cost for a pre-recorded video?
$150.00 with a 30 day limit for sharing the video with patrons.

How much does it cost for a Make and Take Program?
Depending on the complexity and materials cost for the program, The cost ranges between $275.00 – $300.00. This type of program may be offered with the video or via live stream. Typically the maximum number of Make and Take projects ranges between 20-25 participants per program.

What if my library is outside of NY?
We are happy to work with librarians outside of NYS. Currently, we have worked with Conn. Mass & New Jersey libraries. Reach out to Doris to learn more. We can offer pre-recorded videos and Make & Takes can be mailed directly to the library. Please not that the cost of mailing supplies would be extra depending on the location and weight of supplies

Do you charge a materials fee?
The cost of materials is included. We provide all the materials and equipment needed for a workshop.

How many children can you accommodate in a workshop?
We can accommodate from 10 to 25 children, teens or adults per program.

What is the minimum number of children needed in order to run a workshop?
This is a decision for each librarian.

How much notice is required to cancel a workshop?
For cancellations due to low enrollment, please provide at least a few days notice. For inclement weather closures, a courtesy call is sufficient.

How long are programs?
Programs generally run from 45 minutes to one hour. We arrive approximately one half hour prior to the program starting for set-up.

Do you offer parent and child workshops?
Many of the programs are adaptable for parents and children to work together.

Do you offer programs for developmentally disabled children, teens or adults?Yes, we have created and or adapted programs for these groups. Please contact Doris directly to learn more.

Are the workshops adaptable for different age groups?
Many programs can be modified for various age groups.

Do you offer workshops for holidays or themes that are not posted on your web site?
We specialize in designing unique and creative workshops that meet each librarian’s particular needs. We are happy to work with you to come up with an age appropriate craft program.